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Freedom. Is. Everything.

About American Liberty Ballet

Our Philosophy

American Liberty Ballet is a New York-based dance company that combines classical ballet with contemporary choreography to create innovative and thought-provoking performances. The company was founded in 2011 by its artistic director, Valerie Mae Browne and co-founder Rebecca Bogue, with a mission to inspire and engage audiences through the beauty and athleticism of ballet.

One of the unique aspects of American Liberty Ballet is its commitment to promoting American values such as freedom, liberty, and equality through its performances. The company often incorporates themes of American history, culture, and patriotism into its shows, using dance as a medium to explore and celebrate what it means to be American.

In addition to its artistic pursuits, American Liberty Ballet is also committed to giving back to the community. The company frequently performs at charitable events and donates a portion of its proceeds to various non-profit organizations.

American Liberty Ballet has received critical acclaim for its performances, which have been described as powerful, dynamic, and emotionally resonant. The company continues to push the boundaries of ballet and inspire audiences with its innovative and thought-provoking productions.

In conclusion, American Liberty Ballet is a unique and inspiring dance company that combines the beauty and athleticism of ballet with American values and themes. With its commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement, the company is making a significant contribution to the world of dance and beyond.

Founder & Director

Valerie Mae Browne

Valerie is a native San Diegan who graduated from UC Irvine in 2008 and moved to New York in August 2009 to further her dance career. Valerie has performed with Fresno Ballet, San Diego Ballet, Cynthia Merrill, San Diego City Ballet, California Conservatory of Dance, Ballet Arte, Once Upon A Time, La Danserie, Metropolitan Repertory Ballet, and American Liberty Ballet. In March of 2011 she and Rebeccah Bogue co-founded Pink Pig Ballet which would later become American Liberty Ballet. In October of 2011 she co-produced, directed, and choreographed the companies premier, The Little Humpbacked Pig. Since then she has premiered 7 original full length ballets, and created many new works on the company. Her work has been featured in international films, tv programs, and rock concerts. She is a passionate proponent of health and inclusivity in the dance community and is incredibly proud of ALB and it's exciting future.

Company Dancers

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