Winter Session
January 4th-March 28th
Kids Classes
3470 Broadway
(btw 141st and 142nd) 4th floor


11-12 Children's Ballet (ages 4-9)

Adult Classes
Greenwich Village
(115 Macdougal 2nd Floor): 


630-8 Adv Beginner Ballet (Mimi)
8-9 Pre-Pointe/Pointe (Mimi)

530-7 Adult Beginner Ballet (Flavio)

6-730 Adult Adv Beginner Ballet (Nicolo)

730-830 Choreography Lab (Nicolo)

730-830 Absolute Beginner (Kyle)


1030-12 Adult Beginner Ballet (Raquel)
730-9 Adult Beginner Ballet (Natasha)

1030-12 Adult Beginner Ballet (Niccolo)

Class Pricing

Adult Single Class $16

Adult 10 Class Package $140

Adult Weekly Unlimited $50

Adult Monthly Unlimited $200

Adult Introductory 5 class Package $45 (new clients only)

Children's Trial Class $10

Children's Summer Session (7 weeks) $90

Children's Fall Session 2019 (14 weeks) $180

Children's Winter Session 2020 (13 weeks) $167

Children's Spring Session 2020 (12 weeks) $154

Adult Class Descriptions
(In Order Of Least Difficult To Most Difficult)


Ballet Conditioning & Alignment

Classical Ballet and all advanced physical activity begins with honed, conditioned alignment. This class focuses on creating the proper postural and muscular conditions needed to improve stability and ease in ballet for dancers of all levels.

UtilIzing a targeted system of placement, exercises and stretches, dancers are able to analyze their individual imbalances, allowing each dancer to optimize their muscle control and proprioception with a system designed to create balanced support through the intrinsic musculature. 


Ideal for both the working dancer and passionate amateur,  this class enables participants to approach mastery of their own facility and deepen their understanding of the physical requirements of classical ballet. 

Absolute Beginner- Adults with no previous dance experience, largely focused on proper alignment and strengthening exercises. Introduction to vocabulary.
Ballet Basics- Adults with minimal/no dance experience. Some vocabulary is assumed. Simple sequencing.
Beginner Ballet- Adults with some dance experience. Basic vocabulary is assumed. Slightly more complicated sequencing.
Advanced Beginner Ballet- Adults with a working knowledge of vocabulary and proper placement. Faster footwork and longer sequences. 
Beginner Jazz- This class will introduce students to jazz terminology and technique while giving them an opportunity to grow as performers. The warm-up and progressions will use classic jazz technique to develop students' musicality, athleticism, alignment and performance.
Variations- This class will start with a half hour long barre to warm up, followed by learning favorite classical variations such as the Dance Of The Little Swans from Swan Lake, or Bluebird from Sleeping Beauty.
Performance Workshop- Join us as we learn fun choreography for an upcoming production of Giselle! You don't have to perform, if you just want to learn a fun dance, but of course we would love if you joined us <3