Academy Dress Code


Why is a dress code important?

"By taking the time to purchase items specifically for dance class you are sending the message to your child that you believe in them, that what they are doing is really important, and that you are trusting that they are going to work hard and take their training seriously. Set them up for success and keep the focus where it should be..on their dancing!" (MDC, 2015)

Grooming For Girls:

  • Girls’ hair must be in a tight, sturdy bun. Small and subtle decorative hair items such as flowers or barrettes without hanging or

    dangling embellishments may be worn

  • No bangs or fly-away hairs

  • Ballet tights are underwear and should be washed after each use. Ladies and Girls in the Pre-Professional Division may not wear

    additional underwear beneath their tights

  • No jewelry is allowed, except for small and subtle stud earrings

  • All students must have their elastics sewn on their shoes (either one strap across the top of the foot, or criss-crossed across the top of

    the foot), and not tied in a knot or safety pinned

Grooming For Boys:

  • Boys’ hair should be brushed off the face

  • No jewelry; except for small and subtle stud earrings

  • All students must have their elastics sewn on their shoes (either one strap across the top of the foot, or criss-crossed across the top of the

    foot), and not tied in a knot or safety pinned.

  • Boys must wear a dance belt and ballet tights in Pre-Professional division, not leggings.

  • Boys hair if long must be secured back from the face and secured in a tight ponytail or

    wrapped up so that spotting while turning is possible.

To Make A Proper Ballet Bun

    1. Brush hair smooth and free of tangles. For unruly hair, wet hair with spray bottle and comb through gel beforehand

    2. Pull hair back neatly into a ponytail at the back of the head or higher using a brush, and then a comb or soft brush to avoid “lumps and bumps” until hair is completely tight and smooth. A tidy pony tail with hair drawn snugly back is the key to making a good ballet bun. Placement of your ponytail determines placement of your bun. Ballet buns should be slightly higher than the middle of the head

    3. Secure ponytail tightly with 2 hair elastics

    4. Use plenty of hair spray to eliminate any “whisps” around the head, smoothing any remaining bumps of hair

    5. Twist the ponytail as you gradually wrap it around the hair elastic, creating a tight, flat, coiled circle, inserting hair pins as you wrap. Be

      sure that your hair pins contain hair from both the head and the ponytail. This will hold your bun close to your head. Be sure to use plenty of hair pins (12-16 on average).The idea is to have your bun tightly wound in a flat coil around your elastic and secured to your head

    6. Once you have created your bun, wrap your hair net around it as many times as it will allow for a snug fit

    7. Hold the hair net in place with a few extra bobby pins, and hair spray or gel any whisps that are remaining

Short Hair:

  1. Short hair must be slicked back with gel and hairspray, and secured with a black elastic headband, bobby pinned or attached with small metal barrettes to the head so that it will not slide and become a distraction to the student

  2. No hair may be hanging in the face. Use bobby pins or small metal barrettes to secure any dangling strands of hair around the face and back of neck

  3. If hair is long enough to form a ponytail at the nape of the neck, a ponytail should be worn as well as the black headband

Uniform Requirements:

  • One leotard/uniform per weekly class recommended. 

  • Ladies should wear ballet pink, non-seamed tights. Canvas or leather ballet shoes are acceptable.

  • Gentlemen in the Primary Division should wear white socks and white ballet shoes. Gentlemen in the Pre-Prof Division should have both black and white ballet shoes and socks.


Primary Division

Dance with Me, Creative Movement, Pre-Primary: No uniform required. Dancewear, including ballet shoes, suggested. Students may purchase the Primary A uniform in this level.

Primary A: Pink Leotard (matching skirt optional)
Primary B: Pink Leotard (matching skirt optional)
Primary C: Pink Leotard (matching skirt optional)
Primary Boys Classes: White T-shirt and Black shorts (any brand, just minimal or no logos) 

Junior Pre-Prof Division


  • Any white or black solid color leotard

  • Any white or black solid color short skirt

  • Pink tights

  • No shorts or cover-ups; warm-ups may be worn for plies if it is cold

  • Hair secured neatly away from the face for all classes and rehearsals.



  • Any white or black shirt or body suit, must be tight fitting and tucked in to tights.

  • No logos, patterns or t-shirts or tank tops with messy or fraying hems

  • Any white, black, or grey tights

  • White or black shoes, in a color that coordinates with socks or tights (must have both)

Character/Modern/Contemporary/Jazz/Acro/Hip-Hop/Musical Theatre

Girls Character

  • Black Character Skirt 24” (just below the knee) Suggested retailer: Motionwear 1364

  • 1 inch Character Shoe in black

  • Suggested retailer: Capezio 550 or So Danca CH550

Boys Character

  •  Black Mariano character shoe Suggested retailer: Sansha BR91

Modern/Contemporary/Jazz/Musical Theatre/Acro/Hip-Hop

  • Students will wear sneakers, ballet slippers, bare feet, foot paws or socks for these classes, at the instructor's discretion. Please check with your instructor on the first day of class to learn their preference for the material to be covered.

  • Female students are required to wear black shorts for Modern and Contemporary.

  • Additional out of uniform attire may also be worn should individual instructors request/allow

Event Dress Code

  • Students selected for performances and events must dress appropriately while not in costume.

  • No jeans, sweatpants, or slippers.

  • Many events ALBA students are selected to perform in are semi- formal and students should dress for the event.