We Will Dance Together Soon

So let's talk about how to make it happen in a way that makes us all feel safe and excited to return. As a small school, we don't have many classes that are too crowded to meet most social distancing criteria. Less than 10 students is pretty standard for us, so I feel rather confident in that area. I also intend to hire a special sanitizing company to come and do an initial cleaning at our UC location, though nobody has been there since March 12th so it shouldn't be necessary. I will be speaking to Players and The Dojo uptown to ensure they are taking similar steps before we will resume.

We can leave time between classes to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned, and insist upon hand washing upon entering the facility. We will increase the ventilation in the studios and ensure all air conditioners are properly cleaned. Children will be discouraged from standing too close to one another, holding hands, etc. (Which is totally heartbreaking by the way, because that is the sweetest thing, how they love to help each other and work together :)). We will also avoid the use of props and any other shared items. Perhaps we should avoid floor work or bring our own mats and towels for stretching. I've considered requiring students to use items such as ballet gliders/towels etc to hold the barre.

There are so many things we can do! One big question I have revolves around face masks. Obviously, if those are the standards set forth by the government (and requested by you all!) then that's a requirement we will adhere to. But... we do need to breathe and breathe well, so I do see this a potential difficulty..... ANYWAYS! These are my thoughts! Obviously we have a good 30 more days in NJ, but when it is time to return, please help me be ready to go! What do you all think? What will help put your mind at ease? Please take this survey and let me know!


Thanks so much for being the best students and dancer families in the world!



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