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An Evening Of Repertoire 2023
In 2 Parts


In a square in Barcelona, we meet Kitri and Basilio, two lovers, who are forbidden to marry by Kitris mother Donna Lorenzo. Her mother would prefer Kitri to marry the rich but foppish Gamache. Meanwhile in a not so distant land Don Quixote has been reading far too many books and with his adorable sidekick Sancho Panza, sets off to bring justice to the world. They all meet and in desperation, Basilio fakes his suicide to win Kitris hand. Donna Lorenzo accidentally agrees and a wedding is planned. Don Quixote then wanders into an epic battle with a windmill, mistaking it for a monster. The monster wins and Don Quixote dreams of his Dulcinea (dream lady) who is embodied by Kitri. Upon waking we return to the joyous wedding of Kitri and Basilio.


Kitri/ Dulcinea :Analia Farfan

Basilio: Derek Brockington

Donna Lorenzo: Arisa Tanihata

Gamache : Dario Sanchez

Don Quixote: Osamu Uehara

Sancho Panza: Mark Sullivan

Mercedes : Lindsay Johnson

Espada: Quimen Sanchez

Flower girls : Erica Maillet, Elisabeth Archer

Seguidillas : Victoria Barysheva, Yuna Khawaja, Alexandra Bryukhanova, Allison Maas, Patricia Guiao, Olga Kasolapova, Heena Shim

"Gypsy" woman : Fiorella Armando

Queen of Dryads : Anastasia Fedorova

Cupids: Grace Rui Tao, Adalyn Babic

Cherubs: Valeria Mendoza- Blagojevic, Alexandra Sampar, Meadow Stella, Mirabella Himes. 

Dream scene: Fiorella Armando, Gabrielle Taylor, Erica Maillet, Amy Miller, Elisabeth Archer, Ciara Cicalese, SangHee Lee, Victoria Barysheva, Alex Bryukhanova, Yuna Khawaja, Olga Kasolapova,, Lindsay Johnson

Tavern Mercedes: Brigid LeMinez

Spanish Dance: Lindsay Johnson, Dario Sanchez

Bridesmaids: Elisabeth Archer, Amy Miller




Giselle, a peasant girl with a weak heart, is courted by Loys, who is actuallly Albrecht, Duke of Silesia disguised as a peasant. Hilarion, a woodsman, is in love with Giselle, but she rejects him. A hunting party arrives, led by the Duke of Courland & his daughter, Bathilde. After some harvest revelry, Hilarion confronts Loys. Albrecht is exposed as a nobleman engaged to Bathilde! Giselle is distraught & sinks into madness. She throws herself onto Albrecht’s sword, collapses & dies. In the forests that surround the village there are Wilis ghostlike demons cursed to spend eternity dancing men to death, Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis, summons her subjects to initiate Giselle and Albrecht comes to mourn Giselle. Myrtha commands the Wilis to  make him dance until he dies. Giselle pleads for his life, but she cannot sway Myrtha. Albrecht continues to dance until he collapses. The darkness is broken by the dawn, banishing the Wilis. Albrecht is freed and Giselles forgiveness and love has released her from the curse of the Wilis.


Giselle: Allie Hutchins

Count Albrecht: Marcos Antonio

Hilarion: Dario Sanchez

Berthe, Giselle’s mother: Alex Bryukhanova

Prince of Courland: Osamu Uehara

Bathilde: Victoria Barysheva

Peasant Pas Variation: Lindsay Johnson

Court Ladies: Heena Shim, Yuna Khawaja, Patricia Guio, Allison Maas

Giselle’s Friends: Anastasia Fedorova, Erica Maillet, Amy Miller, Elisabeth Archer, Gabrielle Taylor Weiss, Sanghee Lee


Village Girls

Victoria Barysheva, Ciara Cicalese, Yuna Khawaja, Fiorella Armando, Nadine Azoulay, Gabrielle Taylor, Arisa Tanihata, Erica Maillet, Adalyn Babic, Grace Rui Tao

Myrtha: Lindsay Johnson

Moyna: Anastasia Fedorova

Zulma: Elisabeth Archer

The Wilis: Ciara Cicalese, Olga Kasoplova Fiorella Armando, Nadine Azoulay, Gabrielle Taylor Weiss, Arisa Tanihata, Erica Maillet, Sanghee Lee, Amy Miller, Yuna Khawaja, Victoria Barysheva

Program A


Program B


choreography- Nadine Azoulay

music- Steve Reich - Octet 

cast-Analia Farfan



choreography- Nadine Azoulay

music- Richard Strauss 

cast- Allie Hutchins and Victoria Barysheva


choreography- Nadine Azoulay

music- Norah Jones, Tarriona- Playing Along 

cast- Nadine Azoulay, Fiorella Armando



choreography- Nadine Azoulay

music- Orquestra Erico- Féria de Abril

cast- Gabrielle Taylor Weiss, Ciara Cicalese, Yuna Khawaja


choreography- Nadine Azoulay

music- "Pigment" Christian Loffler

cast- Grace Rui Tao, Adalyn Babic



music- Faure - Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra 

cast- Nadine Azoulay and Fiorella Armando


*** Intermission***


concept/story and visual design- Anna Khachatryan

choreography- Valerie Mae Browne

music- Bolero Maurice Ravel

cast- Amy Miller, Ciara Cicalese, Allie Hutchins, Gabrielle Taylor, Elisabeth Archer, Erica Maillet


choreography- Adalyn Babic, Grace Rui Tao, Ariel Santibanez

music- Wednesday Addams & Nevermore Academy Orchestra

cast- Adalyn Babic, Grace Rui Tao

choreography- Valerie Mae Browne

music- "Scream" Starkillers

cast: Ciara Cicalese, Olga Kasoplova, Fiorella Armando, Nadine Azoulay, Gabrielle Taylor, Arisa Tanihata, Erica Maillet, Sanghee Lee, Amy Miller, Yuna Khawaja, Lindsay Johnson, Allie Hutchins, Victoria Barysheva, Heena Shim, Alexandra Brukhanova, Elisabeth Archer

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