You are all invited to register for our very first Intensive in Conservatory Fundamentals for Classical Ballet which is scheduled for October 13th from 1-6pm.

As many adult ballet students can testify, the process of learning ballet as an adult sometimes seems impossible!  As such, American Liberty Ballet School is trying to solve what we see as an "unspoken problem" in the open class system of ballet for adults; that is, that adults simply aren't taken as seriously as children are. 

Many adult students attend ballet classes for years and don't see the progress they desire. Open classes are often filled with students of many different levels, making it difficult for teachers to address each student's need.   Many teachers simply "give class", with little additional information as to how or why exercises are given. Even fewer teachers offer personalized, hands on correction that a child student would receive. 

This is all due to the often "unspoken" and sadly accepted idea that ballet is "hard" and "best learned when you are young".  Very simply, many studios do not see the point to teaching adults the detailed work of class, giving the excuse that adults will not become professionals and so what is the point? Many studios even claim that their adults do not want such instruction! They just want to enjoy themselves. 

With these ideas a lot of potential  -- YOUR POTENTIAL -- goes undeveloped.

ALB stands in direct disagreement with this view that so many other studios hold. We believe that our first responsibility is to have integrity to Ballet itself, and that means taking  anyone who shows up to learn seriously. Whether or not you will become a paid professional is not important to us. We believe learning ballet is not only useful for stage.  We believe that ballet is a wonderful tool to develop discipline, commitment and progress within your life -- and develops skills which easily translate to your chosen vocation. We also believe ballet to be a wonderful way to develop your body and maintain your health for years to come. There is no better exercise to combat the effects of aging when it is practice properly. We also believe that an informed ballet audience is important for the field at large, as this holds higher expectations of the dancers themselves, whereas an uninformed audience permits average performance to become the norm.  Additionally for those more committed we believe adults can enjoy practice on the stage (many of our students have grown to perform with our Company) and we also believe great teachers can be made when adults are taken seriously.   So from this view we believe our adult students are just as important as the children. 

As such, ALB has designed an intensive designed to prove that you are never too old to learn and improve -- and allow you an opportunity to learn in an in-depth manner that is not possible in open class. 

During this Intensive, students will be taken through the fundamental lessons of ballet as taught at world-class conservatories and given the same detailed, hands-on instruction so that you can improve your abilities both in and outside of  the ballet class. 

The Intensive will be designed specifically with the Adult Learner in mind, and plenty of time will be allocated to questions and detailed explanations for each dancer. 

Class size will be limited to 10 students so that each student will receive personalized attention. 

Additionally, each student will receive a detailed and personal written analysis of their current work and body conditions, with training recommendations for their improvement, in the same way students in conservatories are evaluated and guided.

This workshop will prove to be a very special opportunity rarely (actually never) made available to adult learners. 


Body Preparation: Muscle and Nerve Conditioning & Stretch
Alignment and Turnout Development
Weight Placement and Utilization
Arms, Heads and Hands for Classical Ballet Practice
Barre Exercises: Purpose, Methodology & Practice 
Adult Specific Methods for Development
Center Work
Ballet History and Development

DATE: SUN OCT 13th 1pm - 6pm
COST: $140  
LOCATION: NYC (Players Theatre 115 Macdougal St)

(if we have a response that demands, we will create a second weekend)


Imani is a professional dancer in NYC, formerly with The Metropolitan Opera, with additional professional credits in a variety of genres including Contemporary, African, Jazz and Hip Hop.  Imani herself began ballet training as an adult and made a mid-career switch to a Classical Ballet Focus, where she has been seriously pursuing Professional Ballet with the intention for performance for stage.  Imani is unusual in that she has taken her training very seriously as an adult and has sought out Conservatory Training from world class instructors in two of the world's most respected schools of ballet: The Russian (Vaganova) School (training with a master pedagogue of this school and one of Vaganova's last living pupils) and the Cuban Classical Ballet School, where she has traveled to Havana, Cuba for specialized instruction.   

Her unique background, which began in professional athletics and the moved her into professional contemporary dance, has enabled her to receive serious training that is normally reserved only for children and achieve a body of knowledge that is based in the the science of ballet training. 

As such, Imani has a passion to pass along the knowledge she has gained and show others that with commitment, knowledge and hard work you can absolutely change your body,  and achieve your goals,  AT ANY AGE!