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Youth Program 2022-2023


American Liberty Ballet Academy dancers have the opportunity to take a variety of classes, taught by experienced teachers who have a strong understanding of childhood development. 

This program has levels for the beginning dancer to the pre-professional student. A combination of personalized attention and small classes facilitates correct technique, and creates a supportive educational environment for our students. All students will be encouraged to perform alongside our professional company, American Liberty Ballet, in both our annual production of "The Nutcracker" as well as a spring production. Other productions and performance opportunities frequently pop up over the year!

American Liberty Ballet is proud to include the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum, a breakthrough 9 level program that combines high quality artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development. The ABT® National Training Curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of age-appropriate, outcome-based guidelines to provide the highest quality ballet training to dance students of all ages and skill levels. Pre-Primary through Level 5 will be taught by ABT® Certified Teacher Valerie Mae Browne, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through Level 5 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.

Important Dates

Matrícula en el estudio Otoño 2023 (15 semanas) Begins Friday July 15th 2022

In House Registration Tuesday September 6th- Sunday September 11th 2022 10am- 3pm


Matrícula virtual Otoño 2023 Monday September 12th- Friday December 23rd 2022

Giselle Union City Ballet Festival Saturday September 24th 2022 6pm

Thursday, November 24th - Friday November 25th 2022

Tarifas de rendimiento

 Saturday December 24th- Sunday January 1st 2023

Winter Session Monday January 2nd- Saturday April 8th 2023 

Nutcracker January 6th- 8th 2023 

r Daughter Dance February 11th 530-7pm 2023 

An Evening Of Repertoire March 10th-12th 2023 (Junior Company)

Spring Break Sunday April 9th - Sunday, April 16th 2023

Spring Session Monday April 17th- Saturday July 1st 2023

Spring Ballet June 9th-11th 2023

ABT Exams Week of June 26th-July 1st DATES TBD

Fall 2023 Schedule 

Programas de verano 2022

Studio 1


4-5 Level 1 Ballet (ages 8-10)

5-630 Level 3 Ballet (ages 12-15)

630-730 Pre-Pointe/Pointe (by invitation)



4-5 Level 1 Ballet (ages 8-10)

5-630 Level 3 Ballet (ages 12-15)

630-830 Children’s rehearsal (Level 2/3)



4-5 Level 2 Ballet (ages 9-11)

5-630 Level 3 Ballet (ages 12-15)



4-5 Level 1 Ballet (ages 8-10)

5-630 Level 3 Ballet (ages 12-15)



 (ages 9-11)

5-630 Level 3 Ballet (ages 12-15)



10-11 Body Conditioning (level 2/3-adult)

11-1230 Beg Ballet (level 2/3-adult)

1230-2 Open Company Class (level 3-adult)

2-5 Company Rehearsal


Studio 2


4-5 primary A Jazz (ages 4-5)

5-6 level 2 Jazz (ages 9-11)



4-5 Level 3 Body Conditioning (ages 12-15)

5-6 Level 1 Jazz (ages 8-10)



430-530 Primary B/C Jazz (ages 6-8)

530-630 Primary B/C Ballet (ages 6-8)

630-730 Level 3 Contemporary (ages 12-15)



4-5 Level 3 Body Conditioning (ages 12-15)

5-6 Level 1 Hip Hop (ages 8-10)

630-730 Level 2/3/Teen Hip Hop (ages 11-15)



4-5 Mommy and Me Ballet (ages 1-3)

530-630 Primary A Ballet (ages 4-5)



1030-1115 Pre-Primary (ages 3-4)

1115-1215 Primary Level Jazz/Tap Combo (ages 4-7)

Tuition & Fees

In-Studio Tuition Fall 2023 (15 Weeks)

1 class/week $270
2 classes/week $513
3 classes/week $729
4 classes/week $918
5+ classes/week $1080

Virtual Tuition Fall 2023

1 class/week $135
2 classes/week $256.50
3 classes/week $364.50
4 classes/week $459
5+ classes/week $540

Performance Fees

Giselle Union City Ballet Festival $105

Nutcracker $132

Spring Ballet $132


Unfortunately we cannot allow prorating for missed classes. All missed classes must be made up in the same semester. Students must to commit to either in-studio or virtual training, it does not benefit the student or the school to have inconsistent attendance. We are following all COVID related guidelines. Should the school have to close, classes will continue virtually and we cannot offer refunds. Thank you for your understanding!

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