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American Liberty Ballet: A Decade of Dance

by Press New York Art Life Magazine

 August 15, 2023

in Art & Money


"American Liberty Ballet continues to push the boundaries of performance art, significantly contributing to the ballet in New York".

Audience Reviews: "An Evening of Repertoire"

Program A

"A delightful, energetic troupe of dancers who truly love their art! American Liberty performed a diverse showcase exceptionally well to a packed theater. The dancers' discipline, expressive gestures, the choreography, and the spirit of this company is quite memorable."


"The ballet was enjoyable. Most impressive was the diversity in ages, and the diverse pieces that were appropriately choreographed for the skill level of each age group. The Spanish dance was executed with excellence. The dance attire worn was colorful, and beautiful. Several programmed ballets had interesting stories. It was entertaining."

"Very enjoyable program. Excellent ballets, costumes, dancers and everything else."


"Great dancing and costumes. A wonderful experience!"




"Beautiful dance production."


"Bravo! What a great show. Incredibly talented Ballet artists. Excellent choreography. Such a pleasure and honor to see."


Screen Shot 2023-03-18 at 4.25.19 PM.png

"Beautiful energizing show with incredible dancing."


"The ballet was enjoyable. Dancers of various ages and skill levels were relaxed, in exquisite tutus, danced with great energy and emoted feelings expressive of the programmed ballet or the lovely music. The dancers all supported one another’s balletic routines. It was a delight to experience their enthusiasm."


"I enjoyed this show tremendously!"


"I thought the performance was excellent, innovative, creative, and a joy to expand my mind."


"This Ballet was wonderful. Original, with wonderful dancing. Highly recommend this show."

Interview with Artistic Director, Valerie Mae Browne and Superstar Art Foundation 

Audience Reviews: "An Evening of Repertoire"

Program B

Article and Interview about company providing free ballet performance to the community

Artistic Director, Valerie Mae Brown interview with "Your New Jersey" News

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 10.48.43 AM.png

AUDIENCE REVIEW: "Pasta," An Original Full-Length Ballet by American Liberty Ballet

Critics Review: American Liberty Ballet Celebrates 10th Anniversary Season with An Evening Of Repertoire

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